The Acts 13 Network began as an idea to “do church” differently. Dan Rose, the founding pastor, had lots of ideas about how things ought to be done. It was exciting, particularly, since nobody thought we could do it.

Well, we’ve done it.

And yet, it’s not anything that we thought it would be.

Dan had this idea of building a community of “missionaries.” He thought that’s what God wanted from this thing that we called, “The Antioch Movement.”

It wasn’t.

It turns out that what we’ve created with one another is a space for people to come and explore faith, spirituality, community, and Christianity. This has become a space for the wounded and healthy to share life together.

We spend intentional time together on Sundays from 5:30-7:30 pm. There’s a meal that we share together, pot luck style, and then time together discussing the Scriptures, praying, and sharing communion. There isn’t a sermon. All, including kids, are part of the conversation. There’s no programming, but there’s an encouragement to go out and volunteer in our community.

So, come as you are.

Do you need to rest and recover from a difficult situation? You can with us.

Do you need to deconstruct your faith? You can with us.

Do you need to re-build your faith? You can with us.

Do you have a million questions? Ask them with us.

You could summarize this really long description this way, “We are seeking to love well by loving God and loving our neighbors as ourselves.”

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