Whenever the topic of Doubt on Tap  and Coffee Doubt comes up there are a few questions that inevitably arise. The first is why do we do it? The second is almost always about how do Christians and non-Christians interact? The third question then is how do we do it? This third question is the practical one. It’s all about gathering people and conversations. What surprises me every time that I have this conversation is just how simple Doubt on Tap really is. In its most pure form Doubt on Tap is a conversation between friends. Quite simply it is friends sitting around a tableRead More →

Focus – Sending The Acts 13 Network in Ypsilanti is one where we have sending as our telos. We are focused on how we move from being far from God to being on mission with God. We realize that discipleship has sending as a necessary end. Therefore, all we do must be reproducible at the micro and macro levels. What we do as a gathered community, we must be able to do as a sent community. Strategy – Saturation A sponge is a remarkable thing. It will receive as much water as it can hold. What happens next? It overflows. It overflows all over theRead More →